Indu Maniappan, B.A., LL.B - Lawyer and Notary Public

With ten years of experience as lawyer in Canada, Indu started her law practice in 2008 after being called to the Bar in Ontario. She specializes in Corporate/Commercial Law, Real Estate (Residential and Commercial) and Wills and Estate.

  • Starting out a business or considering a partnership?
  • Looking out to secure your estate from being wasted away?
  • Have a short term need for a lawyer who can help you put?
  • No understanding of commercial real estate laws and are having troubles with your properties?

If your answer is in the affirmative then you’re at the right place! Legal help is required for small issues like claims to more important business decisions and planning, we understand that every person’s needs are different and make ourselves available to help our clients exactly when they need it. Neglecting the law makes life not only difficult but also adds up unnecessary expenses to reverse some damage so we are here to remove trouble from the legal aspects of your business, commercial real estate and as well as your estate!


About our specialized services

Legal services

Please contact me for your legal needs on any areas of law. I’m associated with a general services law firm, and have a team of expert lawyers in all areas of law

Notary services

If you are in need of notarization or commissioner of oath of any type of documents, please contact me to discuss further


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We are here to make your life a better place with less hassles of understanding the law. Reach out to us or drop by our office for all your troubles and we’ll promise to solve each of your legal worries in a smooth and quick way. One of the best in providing legal services in Milton, we look at each case as our very own and leave no stone unturned to give you the best solution. Our mission is to remain undeterred at being the best and providing legal solutions at an affordable price.

Why Us? What can we do for you?

  1. Bringing to you adequate legal help in a timely manner
  2. Easy process to help fastrack your case and help you understand your legal options
  3. Solution oriented lawyers of your choice
  4. Lawyers in Milton with experience who are specialised in specific fields like commercial real estate, business or commercial, wills and estate planning laws
  5. Personalized attention and services from our lawyers in Milton, so that we understand what you want out of the case and accordingly give you feasible solutions as per law
  6. Your legal guide in the best and worse

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    Lawyer, Notary Public and Commissioner of Oaths

    MILTON Law is a law firm specializes in Commercial Real Estate Law, Corporate Commercial Law and Wills and Estate serving the Halton Community and other surrounding areas in Greater Toronto.

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    Hiring the right lawyer is a crucial decision. You need someone who presents your case in a positive light to achieve the outcome in your favor. The relationship forged during legal advice may last long term. So, it is vital to choose a firm that approaches your case with dedication, attention and compassion.

    At Milton Law, we give practical advice and work towards the best possible solution for your needs. A case does not mean only victory, it is a personal matter for us. We begin with an in-depth analysis of details and work towards success, winning complete satisfaction from our clients.

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